Vocations &

Copy of the Carmelite Rule, 1247

Each Christian is called through Baptism to union with God in Christ. The call to Carmel is a specific way of living that baptismal faith. Carmel invites us to a journey of becoming out best self, our true self, transforming us through a life of prayer, community and service. This is what contemplation is all about. 

Requirements for a woman considering this life:

Single woman between 20–50 years old, exceptions may be made in individual cases
Practicing Roman Catholic
Sincere desire of a life of prayer
Good physical and psychological health
Capacity to relate well to others in a small supportive community

Formation Journey


Become acquainted with the community through correspondence and an initial visit.  

Live-in Experience

She then spends time, usually one month, living with the community and sharing our life.


Has entered the monastery and begins to learn more about our life through experience and study.

Solemn Professed

Has pronounced final vows until death.


Temporary Professed

Has made vows of obedience, chastity and poverty for a period of five years as she prepares for permanent commitment.


Receives the Carmelite habit and begins an intense two year preparation for temporary vows.

Formation does not end with solemn profession, but is ongoing, as the sister deepens her relationship to God in Christ, through the inspiration and example of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Carmel, who pondered God’s word in her heart, and the great prophet Elijah whose prayer and zeal drew the first hermits to Mount Carmel.

If you are interested in our way of life or want further information please contact our Vocation Director: Sister Lucia LaMontagne 715-386-2156 email: carmelofthesacredheart@gmail.com