Carmel of the Sacred Heart was established on August 19, 1963 when four nuns and one candidate from the Carmel of the Little Flower in Allentown, Pennsylvania, were welcomed to the diocese of Superior, Wisconsin. Bishop George A. Hammes and a delegation of priests from the diocese escorted the sisters from the Minneapolis/St. Paul airport to their new home in the city of Hudson, Wisconsin, located on the banks of the St. Croix River. The monastery, formerly a private residence, consists of two buildings on a six acre lot within the city limits. A vast expanse of lawn, trees and gardens provide ample solitude and seclusion for the contemplative life.

Through the warm welcome extended by the people of the area, the Carmelite Nuns soon felt truly at home. Everyone in the area showed tremendous appreciation for the presence of a praying community in their midst.

Our Monastery was founded in 1963, the chapel, located in the former living and dining room area, has been renovated twice. In 1969 it was updated according to liturgical norms, and in 1990, it was completely renovated, removing some existing walls, opening up new spaces, creating a simple, light and prayerful environment. We also have two beautiful hermitages for those wishing to use them.

We live entirely supported by charity, and God has always taken care of our needs, through the generosity of loving friends and family. To help support ourselves, and so as not to be a burden to others, an addition of four rooms was constructed in 1978, and a work room was built in 1985. A greenhouse enables the sisters to raise from seed most of the flowers and vegetables that grace their garden, and table.

The sisters are very grateful to God for all the blessings they have experienced and in particular for the real family spirit of the many Carmelites who have supported them by their friendship, their sharing of Carmelite spirituality and all that has helped them to grow throughout the years.

If you feel that you would like to visit our monastery and see if you and the life are suited, please visit our Vocations site and take time to discern your options.

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